Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

Sunset Boulevard

{100%} 💯

                                #218TH Film Of 2020

Sunset Boulevard is a classic that I’ve heard so much about and have been meaning to watch for a long time. I finally got round to it and it was marvelous! 

Sunset Boulevard tells the story of a hack screenwriter who’s being hunted down by the authorities due to financial issues and they want to repossess his car, he decided to escape in it and he eventually arrives at a huge property which he thinks is empty until he realizes a washed up Hollywood actress from the silent era is living there. She hires him as a writer for a new film she’d like to work on.....

I’d recently watched Mulholland Drive by David Lynch and I absolutely adored that film, I definitely prefer it over this film. Not to degrade this film which is also a masterpiece. But I made the connection because of all of the links between the two films, not only thematically, but even by name and by location...

Sunset Boulevard was thoroughly engaging all of the way through, I cant recall a point in the film where I was even slightly bored. It’s not the longest film which probably helped, it’s got a brisk pace, engaging characters and an interesting story. It explores a number of themes that must have been very difficult to get to slide past the studios that marketed this film 😂

The actress who played Norma Desmond was outstanding, one of the best performances I’ve seen in a while. And all of the other performances were good as well, but she really stole the show.

Yep. Definitely go check this film out. This is the second film by Billy Wilder that I’ve seen, the other film was Double Indemnity, not sure which I prefer.

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