The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

The Holy Mountain

{100%} 💯

                                #112TH Film Of 2020

I’d honestly recommend going into this film blind and then reading this review for more info. But there aren’t any story spoilers. I just cover some themes, you can’t really spoil the film. 

This film is so deep and I can’t even begin to properly write about it. Even despite my love for the film I don’t understand 90% of it, I don’t think anyone can really get everything from this film, especially not on the first viewing. This film is definitely one that I plan on rewatching in the future. Anyways onto whatever thoughts I can really give on this film.

For starters I’ve gotta say that stylistically this film is top notch. It just looks so great, the sets are insane and unique and creative and mesmerizing. A few that really stand out to me are the rainbow room, the tower and that yellow eye room. But those are just a few of many great sets in this film. Right from the get go this film is strange and filled with symbolism. This film is so far from being pretentious that fucking everything has a meaning and I don’t believe anyone can ever get all of the symbolic things.

This film is super funny and entertaining. I mean it’s really funny. This film is a critique of society, it utilizes an extreme alternate version of out own society to break down the ridiculousness of our way of living. It’s essentially a warning to us of what could happen if we let current society beliefs and ways of operating go any further. The film critiques capitalism and also how capitalist entrepreneurs take advantage of religion and distort it in order to benefit themselves and earn money. This is basically a spiritual journey about discovering what’s important in life and leaving behind everything that ultimately has no meaning.

The planets segment of this film is purposefully super ridiculous and comedic to further the themes of our society’s stupid way of operating. The ending to this film is easily one of the most powerful of any film.

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