Drive ★★★★½

June Scavenger Hunt 2015 | Film #10 | Task #8 - A film recommended to you by one of your friends

I put off watching this movie since it came out. All my friends in high school talked about this movie so much to the point that it became an inside joke among us. They never explained what it was about, so there has always been this air of mystery and fantasy around it. Oddly enough that mysterious fantasy vibe I had going into it never ended throughout the whole run time, and I LOVED it!

I believe people refer to Drive as a "hyper-violent fantasy", and I never knew I needed that combination in my life until I saw this. Refn creates a trance of a movie, enveloping you into his world in an almost hypnotic way. He demands the viewer put themselves into the same thinkspace as all these characters with all the drawn out silences and hard close-ups, forcing us to delve into their minds and think about their thoughts. Any sudden outburst or act of hyper-violence can occur really at any time, but Refn saves them for when he really needs them. Ryan Gosling moving his eyebrows could constitute an entire emotional beat, and you still feel it. Drive shows a lot of restraint that other movies would be too scared to try. Watching this makes me really want to give Only God Forgives a shot.

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