Mulholland Drive ★★★★★

Take two:

A magnificently captivating work of art, one that rewards multiple viewings and stays as determinedly strange and beautiful as the first time you see it every time thereafter. There’re about five hundred different interpretations of what this movie means and all of Lynch’s clues and the feminist aspects and everything else (many on this site), so I won’t get into them here; I’d rather talk about the unsettling feeling of dread that permeates everything, or how wonderful Watts and Harring are, or how every time I see what’s behind that dumpster I feel my heart leap into my throat. Makes me think of Last Year at Marienbad, where interpreting what exactly is going on is secondary to just immersing yourself in a one of a kind experience, one where reality and dream logic are so brilliantly intertwined. Shout out to Rebekah Del Rio.

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