I enjoyed Hereditary but wasn't really in the gushing camp, which is why I suspect this worked better for me than some of my peers. The reviews for this film are all over the shop regarding Danni & Christian's respective guilt, culpability, victimhood etc. but all I could see was a focus on (perhaps because of my own interest in) in the communal nature of sharing grief and trauma outside of the isolating "Western" context. The issues I had with Hereditary are repeated here: Aster carries over the bludgeoning and desentising violence and certain callousness (this may just be overt calculation from a filmmaker trying to be precise) in the formalism when presenting human trauma/grief.
Though this is a tonally monotonous film, I came for the production design and intense focus on the rituals themselves, and left with a bizarre sense of catharsis.
Florence Pugh and Bobby Krlic's score are very good.

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