Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★★

I have found myself rewatching the entire Harry Potter film series at the end of this year, after not watching it for a few years now, so I am pretty excited.

This first film is a wonderful, magical, festive children's movie that as an Adult, this has become so nostalgically tied to my youth and my lvoe of the books. I am a Harry Potter kid, and I really do love both the book series and the film adaptations as their own things. The Harry Potter has two big things going for it. On one side, it is about a grand, always growing scope, magical world, and then it is also a series that has the benefit of getting to watch these children become adults throughout.

This first one may not be as directorially strong, but this gets a huge plus from getting to be the first. So many moments are great, in connection to it's entire series, as being the joyous introduction to this world. This includes first meetings between the characters, first stops at Diagon Alley and the iconic boat ride to Hogwarts. Everything here convinces us how much we love this world and really creates the right tone to start on, but with lots of growing up as well. Probably one of the greatest strengths of course though, is this cast. Both the kid actors and the supporting adult actors here are perfect and give great introductions to the huge arcs many receive in the next 7 movies.

Here are some of my favorite parts of this movie-
Favorite Trio Moment: The train compartment intro, "You have dirt on
your nose, did you know?"

Favorite Scene: The trio's first big coming together, as they fight a Mountain Troll in the girl's bathroom.

Supporting Character Shoutout- I'm going to give this one to Hagrid who gets a pivotal role as Harry's first friend and guardian. He helps him throughout introducing him to all of these new elements becoming one of the loved characters in the series.

Best Creature- Love me that three headed dog, Fluffy.

Favorite Music- Amazing score by John Williams, creating a grand backdrop for this fully developed world . Many of the iconic themes of this series, come from this first one. it also has to be the main theme, instantly iconic.

Favorite Set Design- The overall look of the castle. It will make constant changes over the years, but it's main outline is already fully developed.

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