Lady Bird ★★★★★

this movie is so honest, charming, perfect, and special in every way possible. it’s a movie that resonated deeply with me and i’m so unbelievably happy that i got to experience it. i felt all the highs and lows you could possibly ever feel with every single character. not a single performance was dull, the timing was amazing, the cinematography left me in awe, and the obvious heart and soul that went into making this film is absolutely heartwarming. i found myself and people in my own life in all of the characters. this movie made me really appreciate everyone in my life and helped me get one step closer to finding myself (at 16 years old lmfao) by making me feel heard. this movie almost reminds me of catcher in the rye in the sense that i could rewatch this movie and find something new to relate to or understand, no matter what point i am at in my life. greta, thank you.

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