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After watching this about 4 times, I’ve realized the similarities and parallels as to why it got all the acclamation it did. Not to call it unoriginal, for I find the theme very compelling and the layers very intrinsic and interpersonal. But among all the best picture nominees, I drew that Parasite encapsulated at least one thing from each other nominee and/or surpassed what strengths the other films had:

After the fourth time, I realized Ki-woo’s laughing the most; at the end of the “massacre” and due to his brain injury, he did have a laughing condition, much like the one in Joker hmmmm.... Although I acknowledge it as uncoincidental, this is one reason of many I’ll list below, that Parasite won best picture.

1917’s cinematography was surpassed by Parasite because of Hong Gyeong-Pyo‘s more impacting depiction of class divide. The framing and long drawn out shots during the flooding in the basement proved more impactful than a single shot of a war, I believe.

In the male-dominated films of The Irishman (which I enjoyed) and Ford v. Ferrari (which I don’ care to see) as well as the female powered film, Little Women, though all had great ensembles, no ensemble could’ve been better than that of the Parasite cast dynamic. The dynamic in the Parasite ensemble was truly and utterly exemplary of vulnerable interpersonal relationships, both in the rich and poor families.

More so than Marriage Story, Parasite also proved to not only show family divide but class divide.

Pacing: Hmm this is one is hard, though Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’s was grandiose, Parasite comes up with the better beats and explosive truths that is tracked by a magnificent score that though wasn’t super suspenseful, Hollywood felt grounded in diegetic sounds.

Jojo Rabbit, I didn’t watch, but I guess Parasite just beats it because it doesn’t have a Scarlett Johansson in it. (Sorry don’t hate me for my bias.)

Jane Fonda opened the nominees for best picture saying films are meant to impact and bring about social change for good (to paraphrase), all aspects of Parasite including cinematography proved Parasite to be the only cinematic picture to impact.