Midsommar ★★★★½

The third theatre viewing is my gauge... either I reach my limit for a new film, or I'm completely obsessed (GUESS WHICH IT IS?!).

This showing's audience barely laughed compared to the other two, which was interesting. That created the most somber mood of any viewing, even though the intensity wasn't really there this time for me. It also was so silent in the theatre that I could hear another theatre's film through the projection booth, so that was distracting.

Still so
many details to notice - this time I really saw all of the background activity of the other "compound" members, and more composition and scenic elements. I also finally realized that the distinctive (ceremonial?) breathing in Midsommar is equivalent to the tongue pop in Hereditary - all of those moments stood out so much to me this time for some reason. I've been thinking as well about why both Dani and her sister Terri have traditionally male names, and what that's meant to say. I tried to pay extra close attention to the artwork in the barn everyone sleeps in, but didn't notice anything earth-shattering.

It occurred to me to (try to) count the days (of the 9 day festival), and I only got to 4, unless the last day is actually two (I wasn't sure if a night had passed or it was still the same 24 hours). So the May Queen is crowned halfway through-? And now I'm fascinated by inventing what comes afterward in my head.

Still got huge goosebumps for the final shot, and at this point my interpretation is that it's an awakening. I feel the eff out of that.

Spoilery conjecture-? below...

I feel like Dani clearly stays at the compound and just integrates into their way of living. Fuck her old life!

A post script: It's interesting that the artist Bill Safi has made a drawing of the May Queen, because that final costume reminded me of his art at my first viewing (look him up - he's fantastic!).

Fourth viewing to come!

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