Midsommar ★★★★½

I guess I'll stop seeing this when I am no longer able to notice things I haven't noticed before (but no promises - maybe not!). I also have a slew of questions that I'll never have answered because my mind is now going so far beyond the realm of what we get to see, and also focusing on dumb mundane stuff (like, for people so pale who are constantly in the sun, why is there not even a hint of sunburn or even tan on anyone?). Also, nobody sweats, ever. Not a bead can be seen on anyone's brow through the entire movie! Also, why do they have to leave the car and hike to the site? Clearly the bus at the compound is able to come and go easily so there must be some kind of road nearby/easy access. Also, where do all the extra visitors who arrive at the same time as Pelle's group does go? I assume some of them are "family members" (like Pelle) and change into their traditional clothes after arrival, but after the first day, not another outsider is seen.

I'm also kind of obsessed with mentality mapping out all of the buildings and trying to figure the placement within the village for each scene (especially the dining scenes, since they all seem to happen in different places).

I will add that every showing I've seen at the local AMC theatre (the last five) have all been sold out, so I hope that'll keep it around for a little bit longer...

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