The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

This is a film that I don't think I can really write about intelligently, because it's more about atmosphere, emotion, ratcheting tension, impending doom and dread than it is about plot, character development or other more concrete elements. I understood it on a "felt" level, but that doesn't easily translate to a movie review.

At my viewing, the audience was miraculously silent, but I still had to strain to hear the dialogue, as it was quiet and muffled on top of the thick accents. I didn't miss much of it, but a second viewing will definitely be necessary before I can form any coherent thoughts.

I will say that I was drained at the end, even though the runtime isn't overlong, and this was definitely laborious to watch. I won't be able to turn right around and watch this again, as much as I'd like to. I was left stunned, though, and it is definitely worth the effort, even if I can't articulate why.

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