The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg ★★★★

The first act is really fun. We are immediately introduced to the characters and the unique style Resnais uses. Every line of dialogue is sung, even the most banal things, like "see you laaaateeeeer". In a different movie this would have been unbearable, but Catherine Deneuve's charm and Legrand's music make it work. The movie is full of color and close ups and it almost bursts out of the screen.

It kind of loses steam in the second act. The plot, which is already a basic romance, gets super melodramatic. All the scenes with Catherine and her mom were a bit dragged out and I started to care less and less. The ending is fantastic though, what could have been...

I kept telling my friend that Lala Land ripped this off a lot. Then I found out that this is Chazelle's favorite movie and his main inspiration. I guess ripping off your heroes isn't that bad.

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