Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★½

This has all the makings to be a movie I didn’t enjoy. But for some reason I really liked it. It did have great acting and direction. The movie makes sense when you start to peel the layers back but if I tried to articulate to you my interpretation of this movie, you’d think I needed to be tested. So I’ll wait till after the 2nd watch before I really dissect this. Time travel? Aliens? Time loops? Fate? Who the fuck knows. Only one thing we can all be sure of, Patrick Swayze played Patrick Swayze in this movie. Like if it came out 5 years from now he was a 12 year old lover I would not be surprised. Fucking 12 year olds dude.


Watching this movie is like getting skull fucked, spun around 15 times, knocked out, then waking up in New Mexico.

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