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  • Braindead


    Fun trash...very deluded and indulgent though. It’s internalized conservatisms are showing very hard with this one; a product of its time, and not in a very good way. I watched this just to have seen it, and honestly that’s essentially what this is to me; there’s very little substance that’s not inherently reductive and tone deaf as hell.

    Kevin Smith’s Tusk is honestly so much better.

  • The Sounds of Science

    The Sounds of Science

    This is very chill!

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  • Welfare



    Frederick Wiseman documentaries should be required viewing for high schoolers, especially private school high schoolers. Some rich twats could really use to be knocked down a few pegs after watching a 3 hour long doc about a welfare office, at least in time for them to be adults. I know that’s a very chaotic idea, but I think it could be a good one.

  • Harold and Maude

    Harold and Maude

    I never logged this one, either! This movie is holy, and as someone who was raised by their very eccentric and socialist grandma, this might be one of the closest movies to my heart ever made. Like, if I think about this one too much I’ll actually cry...and I have things to do, like, cleaning my room so I have a better space to cry in.