Burning ★★★★★

Holy shit lmao. I'm actually at a loss for words, like what the fuck? The atmosphere this film creates is somehow both calming and terrifying it honestly feels like someone sitting on your chest for two and a half hours. It's such a perfectly paced slow-burn (yes, I did it, so sue me) because fucking nothing happens a lot of the time yet it's so enthralling to watch because you just don't have a clue what's gonna happen next.

Steven Yeun gives an absolutely masterful performance that's welcoming with such creepy undertones which is just like... perfect? Maybe he should've gotten an Oscar idk man probably. 

I think if I ever gain the confidence to watch this again it'll become a 5/5 because I was so hooked I barely drank any of my water, and I drink a lot of water. Saying that, it might just go up upon reflection, we'll see I guess.

Ps. God that's what Scorsese meant when he said "cinema"

Pss. That's why you don't keep trophies guys!

Psss. This is the year I finally get to watching a shit ton of foreign films because I've quite clearly been missing out

5 minute edit: fuck it, 5 stars lmao

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