Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

Before Midnight was inevitable.
Before Midnight is the inevitable. 

It’s the conversation you were bound to have, the one that sits heavy in the pit of your stomach; the one you erase from memory when the sun is high, but quietly preys on you in the dark of night. 

It’s standing in the hallway, mustering up the courage to tell your hopeful mother you failed that class; expressing to your stubborn father that no, you actually like boys or no, you actually like girls; telling a loved one things haven’t been working out, that a part of you no longer wants to try, that the love might have just withered and died. 

Before Midnight is staying true to yourself and deciding: will you confront the long awaited reality of things? And if so: will you tend to and nourish the truth, or reject it?

Thank you, Mr. Linklater, for the dream of romance; for the sadness that came after I woke; for the stroll back into a world of push and pull, but not without hope.

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