Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★

Call Me By Your Name is the dream where colours boast such liveliness, you’re convinced it isn’t imaginary. It’s the dream set in a place that feels familiar, like home, but you’ve never actually been there before—you only discover this after you’ve awoken. 

It’s the dream where you feel younger and more alive than you’ve ever felt, where you might’ve fallen in love—no, you are in love, you’re sure of it. But you’re unaware of this until you’ve risen from your deep slumber.

Your core aches from happiness in this place of eternity—of course this will last forever—only to be interrupted by the realization it’s coming to an end. You do all you can to stay asleep, to soak up the last of your serene escape.

Call Me By Your Name is that dream when once you wake, the crushing weight of its end sits on your chest, paralyzing you. You lay there, maybe shedding a tear, wondering if you just shut your eyes tight enough: could you go back?

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