Dunkirk ★★★½

After the intricately woven narrative of Memento, to the terrific, passionate leads of The Prestige, we have Nolan's shallowest effort with Dunkirk.

Yes, this film is a spectacle - one of the best looking films this year (so far). It's filled with stunning, epic shots. The score - a lot more subtle this time around - blends perfectly with each scene as tension ramps up.

But I didn't feel I had anyone/anything to root for. I didn't feel anything for the characters. I didn't care what their fate would be; it was simple curiosity at that point since I was already in the theatre watching the movie.

It all felt disjointed. Honestly, I'll applaud Nolan for taking that risk, for being somewhat unconventional. But please don't come to me with the whole it's war, there doesn't need to be a clear narrative argument. Nolan captured the mess that is war. Whatever he was trying to do, it didn't work for me. It's rare that I leave a war film without feeling much at all. 

My entire theatre applauded and cheered as the credits rolled. The lady beside me sobbed as someone held her. I left feeling heavy and kind of disappointed. Maybe it was the hype? My expectations? The memes? Always blame the memes. As usual, I'll look forward to anything Nolan will be putting out. I just hope it'll have more depth than Dunkirk did.

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