Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

My good friend took me to see Lady Bird for my birthday two months ago at the TIFF. I liked it the first time but I loved it last night; with the expectations gone and the festival kool-aid and fatigue out of the equation, it was a whole different experience.

I was on top. Who the fuck is on top their first time?

My chest felt heavy from nostalgia and my face was sore from smiling the entire time. This really is one of my favourite films of the year; it’s so wholesome and stress-free, just like high school. 

That’s the beauty of the film as a whole, though. At one point of everyone’s lives, being a teenager seemed like the toughest thing ever (hell, you might be feeling that way today). For me, Greta captured that perfectly; watching Lady Bird face adversity made me root for her, made me wanting to cheer IT’LL BE OKAY! 

It made me miss simpler times and simpler problems. Those are the best and most relatable coming-of-age films - the ones that make you long for what once was.

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