Lady Bird ★★★★★

Dear high school Adrian,

I’m proud of you for pulling through. The cards you’re dealt may not always seem ideal but keep at it. Things get better; they always do. 

Thank you for not caving into smoking during second period lunches in the parking lot. You get into it later on, but the prolonged, innocent façade will convince mom and dad you’d never bring anything toxic to your lips in the long run.

You’ll have your first girlfriend and your first breakup, even though you’ll believe, at the time, it’ll last forever (it won’t—it’ll last about a year). Initially, it’ll feel like the end of the world; then it’ll turn into a ‘great learning experience’; that’ll eventually dissolve into a silly memory you can laugh at. 

You’ll work your first job, but that’ll only last two shifts. Don’t feel discouraged that employment just isn’t your thing at 17; you eventually fall in love with a job that people will have to try to pry you away from. 

There’ll be days where your sadness is overwhelming. It’ll be heavy on your chest when you wake, every night before sleep. It’ll make you lie to your friends and your family and your family friends; you’ll feel obligated to fake it to the world, to pretend you’re okay. 

This will go on throughout high school; it’ll bleed into college. There won’t be an explanation for it—hell, I still don’t have the answers. You’ll feel cornered. Suffocated. Like there’s no escape, like you’ve run out of options. 

Hang in there.

You’ll hit the lowest of the low and that’s a good thing. Because when you do, you’ll finally tell mom the truth and share everything. Absurd, right? I know. It’ll be a mountain off your chest. 

Things start turning around after that. It’ll be the most difficult thing you do, but being honest will slowly, surely, and finally become apart of you.

So Adrian, please, keep at it. Life will never be perfect but when you feel like things will never be good again, remember: things get better. They always do.

You have my word on this one. 

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