Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★

It could have been so much leaner. When it’s good, The Last Jedi has some of the most spectacular scenes in franchise history. 

But a lot of what happens between that greatness is weak and feels like dead air. A lot of sequences add nothing to the narrative; a few revelations ultimately, and disappointingly, amount to nothing.

The characters I was groomed to love in The Force Awakens don’t get to shine the way I hoped — the introduction of new characters breaks up the dynamic, mostly feeling like ‘look, they’re new! And they’re interacting with this person you love!’

Also, what’s up with the dialogue? Why is there constant yelling of explanations? It felt like the characters knew we were listening, and wanted to make sure we understood.

I applaud Rian for taking the risks he did; what he chose to do with Kylo was incredible, and he truly gave life to The Force. Adam Driver and Mark Hamill carry the film, and seriously: how can you not love Porgs?

There’s a lot to chew here - I guess the more there is to chew, the happier us Star Wars fans shouldbe - but a lot of it was fat that needed trimming for a straightforward, filler-free film.

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