Scream ★★★★★

Craven's thoughtful philosophy on horror cinema, which began with New Nightmare, continues in Scream, an incredible film and milestone of the neo-90s slasher.
An apparently classic slasher film, but which nevertheless reflects on cinema and on the genre itself, from this point of view the film teases the viewer, playing with continuous quotes and intelligent references (Craven's cameo is splendid), but is not limited to only to that, because the film works perfectly also as a thriller, the ending and the whole final revelation is perfect and wonderful.
Another great thing is the indefinite tone of the film, it goes from hilarious comedy to splatter, from horror to deeper drama.
The staging is great, all the scenes with the killer are fantastic and memorable, tremendously violent, but also comical when ghostface maybe takes a door in the face or a bottle of beer in the balls.
The philosophy of the film is quite clear and well constructed, horror cinema does not lead you to commit murders, at most it simply makes you more creative.

PS. The whole final scene, accompanied in a diagetic way by the Halloween finale reproduced on a tv, is something that comes close to masterpiece !!

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