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  • Hobgoblins


    Hooptober6.0 1/33

    So begins Hooptober, just after midnight on the 15th of September.

    Half a star higher than it deserves for the grenades. Honestly, this isn't even "so bad it's good." It's just bad. I'd watch a marathon of thankskilling before watching this again.

    Happy hooptober, it can only go up from here!

  • Angst





    Angst is taxing from the beginning. The lifeless confessions of the killer's internal monologue under different circumstances might make me roll my eyes at the romanticism of a psychopath, but the strength of this film is its simplicity and the fact that it does anything but romanticizing the killer.

    The camera is crazy throughout this, as manic as its subject, from shaky closeups and POV shots to jarring angles that transform the killer into either a scurrying and…