Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

I've been blown away by this. I used to think Paddington 2 was the best film Wes Anderson never made, but Jojo Rabbit might beat it. I see a lot of negative reviews and it baffles me, mostly because they seem to be criticisms of how a youth satire of Nazism should be rather than of this particular film. Hitler is not presented as a jovial figure here, like I see many people suggesting - what we see isn't meant to be a historical portrayal of Adolf Hitler, but rather the image of him that Jojo, a ten year-old child in need of a friend and father, created in his mind.

This is a film that takes an unequivocal stance against prejudice, misinformation, hatred, and fear. It's a film for all young people who take their information from random internet "influencers" and identify with a social movement in order to fit in. I've read some reviews that said that the film chronicles Jojo's journey from blind hatred to understanding and acceptance, but it's clear from the rabbit scene that the kid was never on the side of hatred. He was simply very young, very easy to influence, and very misinformed.

I have rarely been more sure of rating a film five stars as soon as I finished watching it. This film is witty, heartwarming, thought-provoking, and deeply intelligent. The final scene was pure perfection. If ever there was a film the world actually needed at a certain time in history, this is probably it.

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