Mank ★★★★★

I often use the joke "this is better than Citizen Kane" when I watch shitty Hallmark Christmas movies, but this time, funnily enough, it is no longer a joke. What a film. With a couple of notable exceptions, I love Fincher's work, but this might be his best film to date. I was really curious when this was announced, as it seemed so different from anything he had done before, and the result is so much better than anything I could have expected. This is not really a film about the making of Citizen Kane - a topic that Fincher clearly is passionate about and has a strong opinion on. The making of Citizen Kane is just the narrative tool to expose all of Hollywood's flaws, in its processes and in its elites, while at the same time writing a passionate love letter to cinema and to Hollywood's Golden Age. Mank manages to be at the same time brutally honest and a dreamy powerful tribute to days gone by. This film is also a strong social statement, it's about the discrepancies between what Hollywood wants to look like on the outside and what it is actually like on the inside. It's a film about a man who holds progressive values and is incredibly intelligent, he knows he is the smartest in the room, but he has no power to make a change or be heard. I cannot wait to rewatch this one. One of the best films of the year, without a doubt.

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