Parasite ★★★★★

still as good on second viewing. the park couple's dissociation from their employees became much more evident, which is why the last act became even more satisfying. i guess what i love most about this is its accurate depiction of the clear line drawn between the wealthy and poor and its articulation that the poor is always on the losing end (obviously), without looking down on their struggles. it tells it as it is, while seamlessly transitioning between genres--a drama, a comedy, and a thriller all at the same time--but never going overboard. a masterful storytelling that gives a much deeper insight than it lets on and, in the grand scheme of things, really makes you reflect on how fucked up the social class system is.

it's not very often that a movie makes me realize how grateful i am for the art that is cinema lol. everybody say, "thank you, bong joon-ho."

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