Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★


• started grinning the moment the music started playing
• BB-8 remains above the ewoks as the cutest star wars character ever
• my eyes welled up when carrie fisher first appeared :(
• thought rey and kylo ren having little facetime sessions using the force every 15 minutes was kinda weird but they made it work?
• unsure about the artistic intentions behind benicio del toro's speech impediment
• given how long this film was i am amazed i managed to concentrate for almost the whole thing (although i will admit that half way through i got that bloody star wars bad lip reading seagull song stuck in my head)
• overall i didn't think this was quite as charming as a lot of the other films and i felt like maybe i was less emotionally invested than usual? maybe due to the lack of han solo?
• good fun tho!!!
• so yeah
• i love luke skywalker
• i love the porgs
• i love yoda
• i love the star war

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