Some of the greatest long takes you’ll ever see. Tarr is probably the filmmaker which comes closest in capturing the unique texture found in the images of Tarkovsky. 

For all the great moments in this film, there is one darker moment that I suspect will overshadow the good when I think back on it: a long scene in which a young girl tortures and kills a cat. As central to the narrative this scene is, in a seven hour movie this shit could have been avoided. I did some google searching, and director Tarr apparently swears that this cat was not hurt, but if feels very real. Too real.

This scene happens around the middle of the film, and honestly I had to take a break and reconsider whether or not I wanted to continue. In the end I did, because I have waited a long time to see this, because I am interested in this form of cinema, because of the film’s glorious reputation, and because of the incredible qualities found in the rest of the film. But this scene left a pretty damn sour taste in my mouth. 

I wish these canonical (so-called) masterpieces weren’t always filled with so dark and disgusting matters. I want more positive topics in my slow cinema. It appears that in order to be taken seriously, you have to fill your films with the scum of the earth.

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