Perfect Blue ★★★★

experience is analogical; analogies are narratives; narratives are constructed from experience—but of course certain experiences are very deliberately constructed, according to narrative, and once you’re aware that you don’t want those experiences, or those narratives, it’s hard to stop trying to peel back layers until there’s nothing left to peel back. there’s no-one straight-up holding your strings but that doesn’t mean you have control, and just because you can see them doesn’t mean you know the reidemeister moves to untangle yourself... especially because untangling comes with its own set of narratives, determined to sublate you into a commodity only sexual in subtext. in many ways this is detention’s dark twin.

entirely understand the temptation to read the last line as ironic or ambiguous, but i’m determined to take it as triumphant, or at the very least as hopeful, and if you’ve been reading my reviews for any length of time you’ll know exactly why.

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