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  • Hunger Ward

    Hunger Ward


    Absolutely heartbreaking. The feelings of powerlessness, sadness and helplessness are too loud and unavoidable. Armed conflicts have to stop and the international community has to do something about it.

  • Better Days

    Better Days


    Sorry, but I totally fell for it.

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  • Little Fish

    Little Fish


    I did not expect to like 'Little Fish' this much. I totally see myself watching this over and over again in the near future. I love the messiness of its timeline. I suspect that i will continue discovering clues after multiple viewings. 

    I love the intensity of their love and the little sweet moments we get to see on screen (I really needed to see a beautiful and healthy love story). My love for Olivia Cook is becoming endless. And now I see Jack O’Connell very attractive (he’s really good too).

  • Violation



    Holy shit. It is so intense, visceral and disturbing. Its story of sexual assault, blame and trauma is so harrowing. Perfect film for those left unsatisfied by Promising Young Woman. Doesn’t leave a feeling of triumph, but of immense sorrow.