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  • Why Don't You Play in Hell?

    Why Don't You Play in Hell?


    a personal love letter to filmmaking

    sono crammed so much in through a strict runtime where it just comes off so well seamlessly 

    also surprisingly super funny, laughed my ass off with some of its absurd humor 

    strongly recommend this

  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    spider man goes through a midlife crisis

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    My god, this is a magical experience.

    This film is special and I felt so happy threw the entire movie. I almost wanted to cry.

    I'm lost with words....

    Ryan Gosling is an Excellent actor.
    Emma Stone is a Beautiful and Talented actress.

    Love this movie with all of my heart.

    I've felt depressed this year WAY to much, but this film made me feel much better and the film is very relatable.

    A great end to 2016.

  • Her



    Her is the best film I've ever seen. 

    After watching Goodfellas and Her (both originally tied as my number 1 favorite films of all time) I was hoping to see which one I liked more. 

    Her (2013) was the perfect way to end a bad day.

    Her has taught me about love, How it's very important to me (personally) and that I am however getting no luck with it, I pray that one day I will find someone I will…