Carol ★★★★½

"I wanna know. I think. I mean, I wanna ask you things. But I'm not sure that you want that."
"Ask me things...please!"

A few things of note:
-Todd Haynes has crafted a movie that's so immersive that it truly feels like you're in 1952/1953. The atmosphere is astounding, from the grainy camera, colorization, locations, make up, and costume design. Not to mention a lot of the outdoor sequences utilize snow, rain, mist, etc.
-Awesome to see some impressionistic shots in such a mainstream movie especially concerning the driving sequences, transitional moments, and one of the most beautiful sex scenes I've seen in recent memory.
-Every performance was flawless, including minor characters, and I wanted to punch Kyle Chandler's character soooo many times.
-That scene towards the end where Carol and her husband meet with their lawyers to discuss the custody of their child and the "we're not ugly people" monologue at the end of the scene destroyed me.
-The sense of longing in this movie is excruciating (and I mean that in the best way possible).
-On a technical level, this is one of the most graceful movies I've seen, utilizing very delicate slow pans and tracking shots to seduce you into each scene. And that score really elevated the emotional core of the movie.
-This has joined the ranks as one of my favorite christmas movies of all time with Tangerine, Eyes Wide Shut, and Fanny and Alexander.
-I cried like six times during this but was filled up with so much love when the movie ended (I really hope Therese goes to see Carol because she wants to live with her!)

Safe to say I loved Carol.

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