The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★

There are only a few quips from The Nice Guys' screenplay I had a problem with during the film. By the end of the film I couldn't remember any of them and thinking about what those problems could have been now seem completely irrelevant to just how good it felt to sit through such a ripe film made in this day and age. So ripe it makes you want to cry. And I was mad that I didn't have any involvement in Green Room. Ryan Gosling gives the best physical performance of his career (Keaton would get a kick out of him) and seeing Russell Crowe giving such a great performance in such an attractive film this far into his career after a bunch of forgettable schlock performances-- you feel so damn good for him. They work so well with one another you would no doubt be down with going another round with them whether that be with another viewing or another film. Shane Black makes it look so easy to recreate a 70's Los Angeles. Whenever the environment begins to play its own character you know you have a top notch director. Then again, how hard is it not to get lost in 70's Los Angeles? Whatever. That doesn't matter. Black knows his comedy in both sound and body, writing and directing that it's hard for the regular movie goer not to wonder who this guy is and when his next film is coming out (From the Director of The Nice Guys). He still has the knack for a seriously cool, comedy duo a near 30 years after Lethal Weapon that it will make any slightly serious film goer want to get down to business on crafting their million-dollar screenplay. The Nice Guys is the best kind of entertainment you can get from a film. It inspires you as much as it entertains you and it is always having fun right alongside with you. I wouldn't call it perfect but it's pretty damn perfect.

"Got a cool ad though. I made your head small because I know you're sensitive about how big it is."

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