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This review may contain spoilers.

I can’t say I liked this movie. Like,, at all. The acting was TOO good that I Hated the main character and was cringing at almost every sentence she said. It was such a bad movie in the best way possible, there were some funny scenes but Jesus the way it warped my mind to where I actually wanted the main characters to have a good relationship when, that obviously couldn’t happen was insane. It had such a stance on gun violence and it involved different ways someone may be impacted by trauma, but then it also had the main character taking those traits from Survivors and making them her own. I’m glad I watched this with a friend, even if half way through we kept going “no we can’t do this this is AWFUL” we pushed through. I don’t think this is a movie I could ever watch again, no matter how well the acting was. The way that the trends that Danni followed was so wild to watch, cause I remember hating some of those trends, but there they were! Just on a movie screen cause THAT’S what was popular when it was shot, and there’s absolutely a conversation there that could happen about how fashion trends move too quickly and get recycled, but honestly all I could want to talk about is how amazing she looked, and how amazing Dylan looked as well.

And the entirety of the character Rowan was insane. I constantly felt bad that she was being lied to and it felt as if she almost trusted Danni like a sister, and saw her as one as well. The EMOTION of Rowan was insane, she truly encapsulated the anger of someone who had been lied to for so long, and eventually had to let it out. I honestly hope we see that actress in more things cause she was so talented in this movie.

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