Spree ★★★

Finally watched the movie that blew up (again) because of stranger things! Didn’t really understand the hype outside of Joe and even then, it was lacking.

I think he’s a really good actor, and everything he chose for This character worked, because this character was one of those “I idolize the Batman (2022) Riddler and here is why” kind of guys, but I just don’t understand how people find him ATTRACTIVE! Honestly this movie just made me nervous to take Ubers/Rideshares because I could absolutely see the aspect of blowing up on social media for a bunch of ride share murderers and how it might seem appealing to certain kinds of people. 

It was an alright movie, doubt I’ll ever rewatch, but I liked the little YouTube and streaming kind of bits sprinkled throughout it, and how the main guy was pushed to do more and more crazy shit to become more famous. I also LOVED the lil celebrities throughout it, how the heck did they get Frankie Grande in this man it blew my mind.

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