Enola Holmes ★★½

It's fine.Probably closer to a 6,I am not sure.The charm of the film is probably its greatest strength.It is light hearted and most of the time it is fun to watch.Some scenes were unnecessary and the structure of this thing was always never working,if this was 20 minutes shorter it would have been perfect.Because it is a 2 hour movie and it never gave me a reason to care about anything that was happening on the screen.The mystery of the plot was predictable for me,and all of the characters felt a bit under developed. I loved the score,the rapid fire editing,the costumes but the writing and the cinematography were bland and unremarkable.

At the end of the day this is just another netflix movie.It is entertaining no doubt,but it is also very forgettable and for a lack of a better word, pointless.At least Millie Bobby Brown proves here that she is a good actress(although she still hasn't learned how to control her facial expressions).It's an innocent movie I can not hate it,the movie was not made for me,but I wish I liked a lot more than I did.Watch it,you will probably have fun.And take a shot everytime Millie breaks the fourth wall for no reason at all.

(p.s also loved the message the movie wanted to send)

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