Suspiria ★★★★

Don't know why it took me that long to watch this but yeah it is great.It demands a rewatch,so I don't know if my thoughts make sense but I am going to express them anyway.

This is honestly one of the best remakes I have ever seen.Because in a way it's not really a remake.Yes the story is kind of the same,both movies are equally good in my opinion but they achieve completely different things.The thing that connects the two films is the emotion that both evoke.The remake is an homage to the emotion that Guadagnino felt while watching the original.The emotion of feeling trapped,an emotion that makes you want to scream,an emotion that makes everything feel wrong,an emotion that makes the viewer feel dizzy,an emotion that Luca perfectly evokes.

This shit is disturbing.The claustrophobic cinematography,the screams the silence and the lack of it,the explosive dancing.The colours of the original are nowhere to be found,the iconic deep red of the original only appears here in the last 25 minutes.So in a way the movie feels cold,alien and raw.It's not only about the terrifying use of violence it is also about everything else that builds to those moments.The movie builds tension is an effortless way.The more I was watching the movie the more crazier,surreal and scary the whole thing was getting.It's is kind of hard for me to describe what I just watched,and that is a good thing.Because only a few movies have the power to leave me completely speechless.

Suspiria is cinema that recreates you worst nightmare,
cinema that deeply disturbs,
cinema that is an experience more than anything.

Good shit.Very good shit.Scary shit that's for sure.Cast Timothée as tony montana or I riot.

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