Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

If Hitchcock came back from the dead one night, and had only one film to watch to show him how far film has come. I would show him David Fincher’s Gone Girl. It’s the kind of movie I think he’d really dig.

A deranged descent into the modern marriage, here Fincher plays with every string conceivable. Winding the audience up like clockwork for each reveal and turn. Gone Girl is ruthless in its telling yet so composed and beautiful like a symphony. Time stops while you watch this film and you succumb to the allure of the experience, stimulating every sense. Almost Lynchian vibes with the small town setting reminding me of one of my favourite tv shows Twin Peaks.

Technically speaking its Fincher’s shiniest trophy. The cinematography is graceful and veraciously meticulous. The editing is flawless. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’s soundtrack provides instant goosebumps, making the hairs on my body raise. Gillian Flynn is more than welcome to write more movies for Fincher too.

Gone Girl is a brilliant dissection of the domestic thriller, instead of indefinitely knowing which spouse is either the killer, here your lead to believe Nick has killed his wife, but there is no certifiable proof to be found. Leading you on through the film with an almost dreamlike quality. And the big reveal is an hour into the movie, no one would do that but Fincher. A double climax. There is much more material to play with so the film becomes if anything more entertaining and suspenseful as it continues.

The acting is better than just good or great. Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike deliver the one of best couples ever put screen, Mr. and Mrs. Smith done right.
To anyone who ever says ever says Ben Affleck is bad actor, ask them have they seen Gone Girl? Should shut them up. And I could talk forever about Rosamund Pike’s absolute insane performance both in quality and actual portrayal because Amy Dunne is wow, a tough cookie to describe. I’d just watch the movie to find out for yourself.

The films extensive scope and design is arranged elegantly in tandem with Amy’s narrated diary entries. Gone Girl is intoxicating, dark, and mysterious. I would say all of this weaves together my personal favorite Fincher film. But if Gone Girl is a telling sign of what’s to come perhaps he may one up himself maybe even on his next project.

Ahh one of the best theater experience I’ve ever had a few yrs back when it was released. Everyone in the theatre was dead quiet and mesmerized. And when it finished no one said a word. None was needed. It was clear a masterpiece had just been shown. Eyes met and people nodded with a look of disbelief or a somewhat evil grin. Anyways really good stuff guys.

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