Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore ★★★★

"Did that go in? I wasn't watching, did it go in? I didn't see it, could you tell me if it went in?" - Happy Gilmore

In my eyes this is Adam Sandler's best comedy film he ever has done. I've watched this one countless times, and I still love 1996's Happy Gilmore.

Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler), a rejected hockey player puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother's house.

Adam Sandler has great comedic timing in this. The story has you rooting for Happy since he is the flawed every man character, that is trying his best to help his grandmother. There are a lot of classic Adam Sandler moments in this, but telling the golf ball to go home is probably my favourite bit.

Christopher McDonald is stand out in this as Shooter McGavin, an arrogant golfer who is one of the top stars of the Pro Golf Tour who serves as foil to Gilmore. Once Shooter becomes more involved during the final act is when you see McDonald do his best stuff here.

Carl Weathers is solid as Chubbs Peterson who serves as Happy's mentor, and while I don't care for the romance plot between Happy and Virginia Venit (Julie Bowen), a public relations director for the Pro Golf Tour, I still think Bowen is alright in the role.

The film can feel tiresome on re-watches due to it's formulaic structure, and it did give birth to a lot of Sandler's shtick that grew tiresome overtime. That said 1996's Happy Gilmore is still a fun watch after all these years due to great comedic moments, and a solid screenplay by Tim Herlihy and Adam Sandler alongside Dennis Dugan doing a good job in the director's chair.


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