Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

Watched the Alternate Universe cut, with an extra 30 minutes of deleted scenes and storyboards weaved into the film.

Noteworthy things:
- I love how much watching Spider-Verse on your laptop or your tv is a totally different experience than watching it in a theater. A cinema screen offers full immersion, but you can really admire the line work, red and cyan blur in the background and other complex image details at home.
- There's this amazing scene after Miles fails to get up back at the shed where Peter B. has a heart to heart with him. It includes the line that was cut from the film, but was in the trailer, "You can't just think about saving the world, you have to think about saving one person." After that Miles asks Peter, "Was Mary Jane your someone?" Amazing performances from Jake and Shamiek, but I can see why it was cut since there's that really intimate scene in Miles's room. It's a bit redundant.
- We got to know Ganke a lot more in this cut! His interactions with Miles are wonderful and a joy to see. However, I am personally fine with them being on the cutting room floor. A huge part of this movie to me, is Miles's struggle with his identity and how he overcomes self-destructive tendencies. He fails and fails hard with almost no one by his side until the Spider-People enter the picture, and that's a lot more honest to me. Ganke is probably just a bit too helpful and convenient for this kind of really personal narrative. Still cool to see though.
- Lots of fully voiced storyboards that referenced James Cameron's scrapped Tom Cruise-led Spider-Man movies, Ganke and Miles watch them as they try to understand Miles's new found powers. Whoever voiced did a hilariously accurate James Cameron impression and "Todd Crews" got a few chuckles out of me.
- I REALLY did not like the way the What's Up Danger? scene in this version was executed to be honest, I like the idea of him falling and us watching him get back up again but the way the music cuts out and he zips away unceremoniously is not as compelling to me. Miles has failed enough, I'm glad they let him have his moment.
- They straight up namedrop Iron Man! (eye emoji)
- If this can be considered "canon", I like what is hinted about Octavius's fate.

Calling this the "alternate universe" cut over a "director's cut" was the right way to go. I love all the cool alternate scenes and the insight into characters that were in the background, but this certainly isn't the definitive version of the film for me (and not just because it isn't fully animated) and the filmmakers aren't exactly claiming it is either. Still cool to see though, and the fact that this recut even exists shows how much passion was injected into this movie. Can't wait to hear the commentary track soon as well. :)