It ★★★½

I cannot create a review that will truly do justice to this movie and what it meant to me. I'll still try. Also, I'm making this as vague as possible, so I don't think this qualifies as a spoiler.  Regardless, proceed with caution. 

Fun fact: I watched the original version ~13 years ago. That's pretty much half of 27 years. 

Anyway, here it goes:

First off, there's a deeper meaning to this film. If it wasn't clear that emotions play a role on one's mental state and ability to navigate situations, it is obvious now. Keep this in mind as you read below. 

The movie takes on a lot of different themes and excels at its objective(s). Fear, child abuse,  sexual abuse, mental illness, and bullying actively intertwine to support the plot. I honestly think that's very challenging for any film to do well, especially a horror film (not the biggest fan of the genre...oops); nevertheless, IT does it. 

Jokes. It really excelled in its comedic aspects as well. The humor truly helped alleviate some of the ongoing chills that I felt throughout the movie. The visual aspects and the film's score often countered any small moments of predictability, which successfully made it challenging to ever fully relax while watching the film. Thankfully, I experienced short bursts of relief, finding myself continually laughing at the various puns and sarcasm delivered by the members of the notorious Losers' club.  

In some ways, I embraced the funny moments as an escape from the creepy, daunting aspects; I believe that this echoes a lot of what occurs in the film. It's no surprise that the residents, mainly adults, of Derry continue to struggle as the year's pass. They live in a constant state of denial and blindness in regards to what occurs around them. Their cluelessness and dismissal of their children out of fear and worry speaks volumes to the problems that the kids face. Yes, fear exists as the main issue; however, there's also this projection of negative behavior and beliefs onto the youth, which is honestly more harmful. This is more than a comic entertainer dressed in a creepy costume that most of us have seen at the fair. 

How does one escape a normalized thing that constantly surrounds them in different entities? 

IT asks you to reflect upon that question and to determine for yourself what Pennywise (the ugly, vicious clown) truly represents for the characters and for you. 

The film deals with so many important & sometimes relatable topics, making it complex and triggering at times (at least for me). And yet, IT is worth it. We deserve more horror films (and more romance, sci-fi, action, etc.) that delve into the human condition on a deep, internal level. IT did that for me, and I am honestly grateful. 

Final thoughts:

- Stephen King: a legend 
- I sensed LotF vibes during one of the scenes but maybe I'm reaching...
- Theres a specific scene with one of the bullies that seems out of place but what can I do

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