Sunset Boulevard ★★★★½

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Movie 16 - Sunset Boulevard

Once again, like the two Godfathers, Casablanca, Lawrence Of Arabia, Gone With The Wind, on rewatch I liked this much more!! I don't think that it is a perfect movie and I do think that there is a flaw with this. So let's begin with it! I think that somewhere in the second act, something happened to the story that I didn't like. I don't want to mention it, because of spoilers, but I felt that because of that the pacing did drug a bit. Gladly it lasted just a few scenes!

So, in the positive side now!! While I was watcing the first act I thought that I had made a huge mistake the first time (and I had), because the first act is probably flawless!! The first 50 minutes were fashinating!!! The characters were fantastic and I loved what they did with each story! The acting was tremedous and in the begining I found a performance very theatrical, but after all it was supposed to be like that, so great job!!! The direction was beautiful!! The one beautiful shot after the other!!

What I think that really worked was the whole thing "show the end in the first scene"! It gave another feel to the movie and when the final came I still was a bit surpised! Also may I say that the ending was a bit scary!! It unsettled me!!! But it was a perfect way to end the story and the characters' development!! And whenever there was someone talking over it made the movie even better!! It gave the thoughts perfectly, without too much exposition! Also the production was magnificent, espacially for a 50s movie!! And the costumes were so great!!

I really loved this the second time I watched it!! And what a spectacular score!!! Once again the ending was scary!!!!


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