The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★★★

Two women. Identical. They not only have the same facial characteristics, but they also have the same dreams and goals. The one puts her dreams above everything. She achieves what she wants, but the price she paid was her life. Maybe not physically, but she leaves her love, her parents, everything to become what she wants. Was it really worth it? She did what she wanted, but in the end who will be there for her? Who will be with her, near the end? The other likes her life, she does something she likes and lives a nice life. But she meets someone. She knows nothing about him. But she gets so intrigued by him and his personality and through his art she starts growing feelings about him. What is so great about him? And is it really worth it, to focus on a stranger that much? We all have come in crossroads where we had to choose, but how much different would it be, if we had some help, someone to warn us? Or are we the ones who warn someone else? Is this help real? Does it exist? Or is it just something we'd like to have?


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