Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

If it hadn't been for Baby Driver, this would have the best cold opening of the year!!

So, I was extremely excited for Ragnarok! The director has an amazing taste of humor, the hero is one of my favorites and of course what I had already seen! Sadly I didn't get a chance to watch it in theaters, but the moment I was able to watch it I did!! And it actually restored my faith for Thor!!!

I didn't love any of the other Thor movies! I found the first one fine and the second meh! But damn it wasn't Ragnarok amazing!!!! Firstly and most importantly this movie was fucking hilarious!! If you don't believe me ask my mum who said to me that she could hear me from the other side of the house, with doors shut! The humor worked 110% of the times!!! Every single joke hit for me!!! And I loved how this movie acknowledged and embraced the fact that it is a part of a franchise. There were times that they would make fun of themselves or play for a joke parts of Thor's personality and that was genius!!

And Taika Waititi is such an amazing filmmaker!! I have loved every movie of his that I have seen and this might actually be my favorite!! And I have to give him major pros for making a Waititi movie and not an MCU movie! I mean sure there are things and characters that you have seen before, but he made his vision! There was no scene which was there to set up future installments! There was no big hero scene and even those were played for fun!! When you see an anus joke in an MCU movie, you know that the director had a lot to do with it!

And god the direction was brilliant! I loved the framing of the simple jokes and of course the action scenes were brilliant!! The camera was moving and showing you and even if there were cuts and different angles it didn't bother me at all!!! I loved it! Also can I say how bad-ass, amazing, exciting and fucking awesome were the Immigrant Sons scenes?? There actually were two and I loved them both! When the first happened I was like "Okay you used it perfectly and I am sure that this is the best way to use it" and then the second one came and I was just head-bumping!! Literally!!! I was doing it!! And the minute the movie ended I rewinded and rewatched both of them! What I noticed the second time was that the action was synchronized with the song!! The song was at parts used as sound effects!!

I loved how the movie actually developed awesomely the characters and how it treated others! Going into this I wanted to see what they would do with Odin and Jane!! And without spoilers what they did with those story lines was brilliant!!! And I have to talk about the characters!! Thor who is one of my favorite heroes was awesome here! Loki was amazing and so was Hulk! Now about the new ones! Jeff Goldblum was amazing! Korg was awesome and I loved what they did with his voice! Valkyrie was such a welcome addition and the cameos were freaking brilliant!! There was one which I actually didn't not except and it was so god damn awesome! And there was one with another hero which was so well made and perfectly put in the film!

Now the whole Thor story was amazing, fun and really fast paced! At the same time you saw Heimdall which was awesome and Hela! I have to say that even if Hela wasn't that bad of a villain she was exposition heavy as fuck! This is my only problem! For the first hour whenever we would cut back on her I would be like "Okay can we go back to Thor?" and the truth is that when all the exposition was gone I really enjoyed her!

So overall I was more than happy with Ragnarok and I wold recomend it to anyone!!


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