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This review may contain spoilers.

marion's instant response to anything her daughter does is passive aggressive nit-picking. she belittles her intelligence in an effort to dissuade her from persuing goals that will allow her to become independent from her family. she severs all lines of communication and refuses to acknowledge her when she demonstrates agency over her own life. when good things happen to lady bird, marion can't bring herself to be happy for her because marion cares more about what she wants for lady bird than what lady bird wants for herself. she vacillates between being warm and supportive, and cruel and dismissive towards lady bird every few minutes. not to be on my high horse or whatever but yes, this is emotional abuse. pease stop saying it isn't.

it's a beautiful story – but one about the very complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, and in a way, about intergenerational trauma.

it's sincere, funny and heartbreakingly honest. i cried a bunch of times. saoirse ronan deserves her oscar but laurie metcalfe deserves hers even more. she delivered an acting masterclass and essentially stole the whole movie in her last few scenes. never have i been so deeply, viscerally aware that someone was making a mistake that they would regret for the rest of their life, literally as they were making it, as i was when marion refused to see lady bird off at those airport gates. it was horrifying, harrowing and painful in the best way possible.

it was everything. i felt the absolute depth of every emotion that i've ever felt, all over the course of 94 minutes. greta gerwig is a revelation.

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