• Rouge



    God damn this fuckin HITS

  • Stranded



    I appreciated that as the writer/director/star/financier Juleen Compton gave herself almost all the best lines of dialogue. She deserves!

  • Woman in Hiding

    Woman in Hiding


    Too annoyed to enjoy this more because of how much the supposedly “good” dude screws our girl over by ignoring the extremely obvious signs of a woman running away from an abusive man, jfc! The opposite of an ally! Ida is so good obviously and there a few solid chase/action sequences but I’m just so mad!!! At men!!!!!

  • Kokomo City

    Kokomo City


    Wow! I'm not exactly sure why but the word that came to mind as I was watching this was "adventurous" - the style is so exciting and energetic, especially for a documentary, and the intimacy and forthrightness Smith captures with her subjects is so impressive. She both creates a new filmic world while also inviting you into the established worlds of the women she's interviewing, whose voices are so crucial to hear. I found this to be thrilling filmmaking, truly.

  • Freejack



    Everyone makes fun of the car design in this movie but if the past few years have taught me anything it’s that cars of the future will be hideous, poorly made, and very unsafe.

  • The Seventh Veil

    The Seventh Veil


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Excuse me with that ending? James Mason obvi the hottest choice but also spends the entire movie being emotionally abusive, how does that make sense? imo she should’ve walked away by herself anyway, she’s got the real love of her life back: her hands!

    Also I don’t mean this meanly but Ann Todd was so obviously a fully grown woman (and irl a little older than Mason!) that seeing her play a teen/early twentysomething for most of the film was distracting, I could never really see her as childish or naive as she was supposed to be.

  • Upgraded



    Cute! Some goofy ass art world speak though lol I spent the whole movie thinking how lucky I am I realized years ago I did not actually want to be a part of that scene and how freeing it was when I stopped trying to sound “correct” about art and can just talk about it the ways I want to talk about it. 

    I cared so little about the man in this but also kinda felt like the movie didn’t particularly care either? So we agree.

  • I... Dreaming

    I... Dreaming


    real Skinamarink vibes

  • Window Water Baby Moving

    Window Water Baby Moving

    the OG body horror

  • Stay Tuned

    Stay Tuned


    They saved the best joke for the end credits where they have a bunch of tv show titles turned Evil and one of them is “Murder, She Liked” and reader I literally could not stop laughing

  • My Name Is Julia Ross

    My Name Is Julia Ross


    Being a single working class woman in history fucking sucked!!!!

  • Adventure in Manhattan

    Adventure in Manhattan


    This is at least three separate movies shoved into a brisk 4 reels but I wasn’t mad about it