Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

Occasionally, you’ll say “Excuse me” when I happen to stand in your way, and “Thank you” when your ball drifts into my court and I hurl it back to you. With these few words, I find comfort in false hopes and hope in false starts. I’ll coddle anything instead of nothing. Even thinking that nothing can come of nothing gives me a leg to stand on, something to consider when I wake up in the middle of the night and can see nothing, not the blackout in my life, not the screen, not the cellar, not even hope and false comforts—just the joy of your imagined limb touching mine. I prefer the illusion of perpetual fasting to the certainty of famine. I have, I think, what’s called a broken heart.

one of the main reasons i'm so fond of andre aciman's writing is the way he speaks about unrequited love. he approaches the subject and chooses his words so lovingly that you can clearly see he doesn't see this kind of love as pathetic, as most writers - or most people - would; in fact, he deems unreturned love as more exhilirating, more heartbreaking, more damning because of the fact that it's unreturned. this was beautifully exhibited in elio, and is seen even more extensively in his latest effort. so if you loved his writing in call me by your name, i cannot recommend his newest tale of love and loss, enigma variations, enough.

a love letter to love itself, aciman paints a 'passionate portrait of love's contradictory power', told through five stories centered around one person. needless to say, my favorite one is Manfred.

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