Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★½

a month ago i turned eighteen. i graduated high school last friday. two months from now i'll be going to college in the city, majoring in something my parents don't necessarily approve of but something i greatly believe in. this past week i've been crying a lot, partly because i'm so terrified of what my life will be like in the coming months but mostly because i can't help but feel like i'm letting go of things i've found so much comfort and safety in for the past eighteen years, and a part of me wants to hold on to this safety, just a little longer.

today i noticed that one of the first things marion says in the opening scene is "are you ready to go home?", and it's like she's asking not only lady bird but also us viewers; like lady bird's sacramento is not only their home but also ours.

i've been so afraid of leaving home because i've always seen it as a tactile thing, when it's everything but. it's visceral, and permanent, and within me. i am made of the things i've found so much comfort and safety in. i am home.

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