T2 Trainspotting

T2 Trainspotting ★★★★

person: h-

me: 'Choose👉 life 🐣'. 'Choose👉 life 🐣' was a well meaning 💕✨ slogan 🗣 from a 1980's ✊ anti-drug campaign 🙀🙅🚫 and we 👬🏃used to add things ➕☑️to it, so I might say‼️🗯 for example, choose... 👇👈👉👆designer lingerie🙀😻, in the vain 🌱hope of kicking🐎🏃 some life 🌲🌳🌴🌿☘🍃back into a dead 🌾🎃🌑relationship👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨😩❣. Choose👉 handbags👜, choose👉 high-heeled shoes👠👡, cashmere👚 and silk👗, to make yourself🙍feel what passes for happy💆😁✨. Choose👉 an iPhone📲 made in China🇨🇳 by a woman👩 who jumped 🏃out of a window 🏠and stick☝it in the pocket👖of your jacket👔fresh🌬💦from a South-Asian 🌇Firetrap🔥💥. Choose Facebook💻, Twitter🐥, Snapchat👻, Instagram📸 and a thousand 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣other ways to spew 🗣your bile🐳 across people 👥you've never 🚫 met🙍👩‍❤️‍👩. Choose👉 updating your profile📲, tell 📢 the world 🌍 what you had for breakfast 🍳🍞and hope ☄🌟that someone👤, somewhere 🌏 cares👼🏼💕. Choose👉 looking 👀👁up ⬆️old flames🔥, desperate to believe 🙈 that you don't look👀as bad 👿 as they do. Choose👉 live-blogging🖥⌨, from your first 1️⃣ wank 🚱🔞'til your last breath💨🌬; human interaction👐👅 reduced to nothing🙅more than data📲💽. Choose👉 ten 1️⃣0️⃣ things you never knew🙈❌about celebrities ✨👸 who've had surgery💇🔪. Choose👉 screaming📢 about abortion😱. Choose👉 rape jokes😡, slut-shaming😡, revenge porn🙀🍆 and an endless tide🌊 of depressing😶 misogyny🙄. Choose👉 9/11 never happened❌, and if it did, it was the Jews. Choose👉 a zero-hour 0️⃣ contract📑 and a two-hour2️⃣⏳journey 🚍 to work🔌. And choose👉 the same👥👥 for your kids👧👦, only worse😨, and maybe tell💬 yourself that it's better🤔 that they never ❌ happened ❌. And then sit back💺 and smother the pain 😖 with an unknown ❓❓ dose🌡 of an unknown❓❓drug💉💊 made in somebody's fucking😰🙊 kitchen🍳🍴. Choose👉 unfulfilled⚪️ promise✋ and wishing🌨 you'd done it all☑️ differently😰😭. Choose👉 never❌ learning🤓 from your own mistakes🚫😭. Choose👉 watching📟 history📰 repeat itself🔃. Choose👉 the slow🕯 reconciliation towards what you can get✋✊, rather than what you always hoped for😍😭💕. Settle for less🆗🚮 and keep a brave face😏🤗 on it. Choose👉 disappointment🙃 and choose👉 losing 😠😨 the ones you love👫👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨, then as they fall🏃 from view 🖼, a piece of you dies🏳🗑⚰ with them until you can see 👀that one day📆 in the future🔮, piece by piece, they will all be gone💨🌪 and there'll be nothing⬜️🔇 left⬅️ of you to call alive 👼🏼👶or dead💀👻. Choose👉 your future🔮, Veronika✨🙎💕. Choose👉 life🐣.

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