He's All That

He's All That ★★★★★

He’s All That was a truly mind blowing film. I’ve seen films like Inception, The Godfather and even Parasite but I don’t think that anything will beat this film. It’s heart breaking. The film reminded me that social media and social status really is what makes our lives truly worth living. 

Addison Raes performance was so impactful I could cry. In fact I did. 

I mainly found this film heart breaking to the point that five minutes after viewing, I was admitted to the hospital because my entire body had been dehydrated from tear loss. I was also put in an immediate state of extreme emotional and cognitive shock that I was also admitted to a mental hospital. I am actually writing this on the way to the clinic. 

Although I am not looking forward to watching this again due to health concerns, I am looking forward to other people watching it. If you are going to watch it please go in knowing the health risks that come with watching this film.